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In the past, hemp was often used for construction purposes due to its immense moisture-binding capacities, extraordinary thermal insulation and pest-resistant character. Hemp wool is used for insulation, and hemp groats are used for construction. Hemp fibre is extremely useful in the process of making pipes, sails and rugs, in the shoe- and saddle-making industry, and for making threads, cords, ropes, tablecloths, curtains, bags, screens for decoration and packaging purposes, mattresses, wall coverings, etc. In plumbing, hemp yarn is an irreplaceable sealing component.


Hemp shives are enveloped using a special mineral-based procedure. The product has the following advantages: low thermal conductivity (0.12 W/mK), high heat capacity, good sound insulation, good humidity permeability, fire performance, natural fungicidal properties, waterproofing, low weight, and resistance to insects.


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