About the company

It all began in 2005 – the company’s goal was to re-establish once again the role of hemp in human culture. Our founder Tomaž Sušnik was determined to bring the nutritive, therapeutic, constructive and other benefits of industrial hemp to the spotlight and make it available in Slovenia and abroad. Therefore, our mission has been to disseminate knowledge about hemp, to make the public aware of its benefits, and to set up the processing chain.

We opened our shop where we started selling products of other manufacturers. Gradually, our company began to expand and deal with its own organic production of food products.

We are basing our operations on the principles of sustainable development and organic processing, while informing the general public about the versatile use of hemp. Together with its employees and business partners, we are part of a broader network where various foreign organisations, associations and institutes with similar goals are working towards the development of different areas of hemp-growing.

The Hannah biz hemp company boasts a wide range of self-developed activities and products. Its facilities are technologically equipped for the processing of hemp seeds. The seeds we buy as raw materials for processing, however, are of Slovenian and French origin. Some of the other raw materials we buy also come from Slovenia but the majority comes from abroad.

Hemp shows a huge potential of reinforcing the economy, which is why we would like to establish an entire manufacturing and processing chain in Slovenia. We are also striving to cooperate with manufacturers and entrepreneurs alike, and offer them advice.

We are always open to new connections and collaborations: your questions pertaining to knowledge and our products are always welcome! We look forward to embarking on a common path of taking care of the Earth and of our society!

Cooperation possibilities

Ever since its establishment, the company has played an extremely important role in the expansion of hemp growing and processing, since these processes largely depend on the development of the treatment of hemp, and on how it is perceived in society that it also helps and encourages change. With their freshness and high level of qualification, the employees create successful projects and continuous reliability of the operations of the company together, and affirm their presence in the market of high-quality organic products of their own production and the products of Slovenian and foreign manufacturers.

You can contact our hemp factory if you are a manufacturer looking to buy industrial hemp seeds which can be sown in Slovenia, and the crops of which could potentially be bought by Hannah biz. Our seeds are not treated, which means they are not processed with pesticides with the purpose of protecting the plants from pests, since industrial hemp is an extremely pest-resistant plant. We expect our business partner to be a part of the organic manufacturing and processing system, as well as a part of suitable control networks.

Since hemp shows great potential in reinforcing the economy, we would like to set up an integral manufacturing and processing chain in Slovenia. The company is also actively seeking for opportunities to cooperate with manufacturers and businessmen, and provide them with advice, all the while seeking for methods to add and include other links in the chain.

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Through its operations, Hannah biz hemp factory contributes to the implementation of sustainable management principles in Slovenia, providing its customers with organic products, manufactured in facilities using its own technology and coupling different branches of skills and knowledge in the field of hemp production. Our processing methods are consolidated in a system with the purpose of ensuring safe, high-quality and organic products. The same also applies to raw materials provided by our suppliers. Our hemp factory is a part of process certification methods for organic growing and processing of agricultural crops and foodstuffs, performed by the Institute for Inspection and certification at the University of Maribor (IKC UM). For several years, the hemp factory has been maintaining the standards which are uncompromisingly and firmly driving our mission and are upgraded through the inclusion in the official verification mechanism.

The SI-EKO-002 certificate confirms and certifies that the hemp factory complies with the following requirements:

  • the production of foodstuffs from organically grown ingredients (95%) by only using permitted non-organic ingredients of agricultural origin and the permitted additives and processing aids (Annex VIII, IX of the Regulation No. 889/2008),
  • the ban on the use of GMOs (written certificate issued by the supplier),
  • separate acquisition of organic ingredients with suitable accompanying documents,
  • separate processing and preparation of organic and conventional products,
  • separate storage of organic products,
  • correct labelling,
  • specific and clear documentary accounts.

The HACCP certificate issued by the SIQ (the Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology) confirms and certifies that the hemp factory complies with the following requirements:

  • ensuring food safety and quality pursuant to Regulation No. 178/2002 and the Codex Alimentarius guidelines
  • managing the accompanying hygiene programmes pursuant to good practices

The ORGANIC certificate issued by Ecogea guarantees:

  • a BIO quality of cosmetic products and ingredients with suitable accompanying documents
  • accurate statement of the quantity of organic ingredients on the packaging
  • correct labelling