200 g tuna 2 tablespoons ground pistachios 1 tablespoon breadcrumbs ½ spoons of Hannah biz [...]

Roasted carrots with sea fennel and hemp oil

Ingredients: 200 g carrots 100 g sea fennel with flowers Fresh basil leaves Salt flower [...]

Fish omelette with hemp oil

Ingredients: 4 eggs Cocoa butter 100 g fresh sardines 100 g fresh salmon Hibiscus flowers [...]

Buckwheat with sea asparagus, avocado and hemp oil

Ingredients: 100 g buckwheat porridge 200 g sea asparagus 200 g young spinach 1 avocado [...]

Red lentil pasta, sea asparagus and truffles with hemp oil

Ingredients: 200 g red lentil pasta 250 g samphire fresh truffles cold pressed hemp oil [...]

Anchovies in hemp juice

Ingredients: salted anchovies fresh thyme lemon juice cold pressed hemp oil Hannah biz shelled hemp [...]

Grilled scallops with hemp oil

Ingredients: 3 shells with the scallops cocoa butter fleur de sel fresh thyme cold-pressed hemp [...]