Why saw hemp?


Growing hemp is an extremely undemanding process if certain conditions, such as clean soil, unpolluted with chemical preparations (pesticides, herbicides), and normally nourished soil, are complied with.

Therefore, hemp is:

  • the ideal plant for cultivation, since all of its parts (seeds, fiber, straw, flowers, leaves) can be used for processing.
  • hemp is also a good candidate for single-crop farming. It is preferable to include hemp in the crop rotation system, since it can grow well after any other field crop.
  • due to its contribution to the carbon print reduction, hemp is also an organic plant.
  • growing hemp improves the quality of the soil, since the expansive and solid root system returns organic matter to the soil and retains water. As a pre-crop, hemp removes heavy metals and other unwanted chemicals from the soil.
  • its deep root system enables the plant to draw water from significant depths. Compared to other field crops, such as corn and wheat, hemp is therefore rather drought-resistant and can also bear produce in dry seasons.
  • throughout its entire growth cycle, this culture does not require any plant protection products (fungicides, insecticides, herbicides) and is, therefore, an organic plant.
  • after sprouting, hemp covers the ground very quickly, thus exterminating all harmful weeds, which is why the culture does not need any herbicides.
  • hemp crops accumulate more energy than trees, which is why hemp is an ideal plant for obtaining cellulose fiber. One hectare of hemp can replace four hectares of trees used to produce fiber.
  • hemp growing is, however, a considerable investment in terms of time, especially during the sowing and harvesting seasons, while it requires little to no care during the growth process.
  • hemp and hemp-based products are biodegradable, so they can be recycled.
  • it is a source of food for animals and people alike, and also serves as raw material for making rope or fabric.
  • In addition to traditional uses, hemp is also a raw material used in the production of natural construction materials such as hemp concrete and isolation products.
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Why saw hemp?

Growing hemp is an extremely undemanding process if certain conditions, such as clean soil, unpolluted [...]


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