Drying hemp tea


Video presentation of the method of drying hemp tea. We recommend you view the video in HD.

The process of harvesting and storing hemp tea takes place in two phases: harvesting at the end of the vegetative phase with the purpose of obtaining edible tea, and harvesting during the last flowering phase with the purpose of obtaining extracts and essential oils from hemp flowers.

Hemp tea is usually harvested manually. Lately, however, modified combine harvesters have also appeared in our vicinity; they are suitable for harvesting late flowering plants. (Early or late) flowers we harvest must begin to dry as soon as possible. Plants are dried in a dry, dark space where the temperature must not exceed 35°C. During autumn, when the flowers dry, hemp tea is ready to be packaged. Before packaging late flowers, we must clean them from the stalk and discard the stalks. We clean the mixture of seeds and flowers, only leaving the flowers. We pack the tea in clean paper bags.

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